bruno brown bear suit

Welcome to AnimatronicBear!

Bears and other faux wild creatures for TV, Films, Events… Real as it gets, Without the shedding!

Meet Genghis the Panda!

With mouth open/close, “Genghis” comes with an operator. Suit is designed to look good in sitting shots. Excellent full-body flexibility. Fully detailed down to the pawpads on ‘hands’ and feet. Very good paw dexterity. Our actor performs inside this bear.

A Bevy of Bears
Our specialty! We have bruins of all kinds… Some animatronic, others mechanically enhanced.


Jungle Animals
Apes and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


Domestic + Farm Animals
Moo Cows, Shaggy Dogs, and more!


Characters + Creatures
Seeking an Astronaut, Robot or Brand Ambassador? Check it!


What is

film-old is an SPFX character resource for the Film & TV Production industry

What’s different about AnimatronicBear?

Unlike a typical prop rental shop, AnimatronicBear provides photo-realistic synthetic animals + SFX characters along with experienced operators… at a competitive rate

This package solution simplifies the process of adding creatures to a project while eliminating liability when insuring  expensive rented props. Also, our minimal crew reduces labor costs

Take the insurance bond complexity out of your next project using practical FX characters. Contact AnimatronicBear for a quote and see how our turn-key solution delivers a memorable performance for a nominal investment