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Animatronic Bear Studios INC

Founded in 1999, we are group of special effects puppeteers / actors with a large inventory of professional costumes and puppets from photo-realistic bear suits to hi-tech robots. We have global reach and pride ourselves in providing a cost-effective “easy button” for our clients.

Unlike typical prop shops, we provide the costume, industry recognized talent and a dedicated support team from start to finish.

At our core we have over 40 years of combined service in the entertainment industry from bespoke large-scale events to film & TV. We have worked alongside international celebrities such as Penn & Teller to Stephen Colbert to Katy Perry.

We have a built trust with multiple clients and continue to take on new clients looking to add practical effects to their project.

Animatronic Bear Studios is committed to all projects, whether a 1 day shoot or 90 day production.

Already have your own costume? We can provide professional, experienced body-suit talent almost anywhere in the world. Contact Us to find out more.

See our portfolio for a selection of clients we have worked with.


Our work has been seen around the world*

*Please note, we are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned here – we have only provided our services to the stated networks, companies and IPs.

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