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Bears and other faux wild creatures for TV, Film and Events. As real as it gets, without the shedding!

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Photo Realistic Animal Doubles for TV, Movies, Special Events and more!

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Realistic Bear Costumes

Our Speciality, bruins of all types

Jungle Animal Costumes

Apes, Tigers, Parots & More

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Domestic & Farm Animals

Cows to Shaggy Dogs       

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Character & Creature Costumes

Bring some to cheer to your event

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About is a Prop Shop focusing on creature performance for Film, TV and commercial projects.

With over 25 years in business, we’ve built an inventory of unique costumes, puppets and props available to productions worldwide. Depending on time available & budget willing, we can enhance/ modify characters or create new ones as needed to complete the hire package.

Unlike many competitors, we’ve positioned ourselves as a cost-effective Easy Button providing a complete performance package (puppets + performers) to productions.

We are happy to cross-utilize existing production resources for any needed additional personnel support- allowing us to maintain a small crew size, thus reducing hire & logistics (travel & lodging) costs. Our puppets & costumes travel with us as checked luggage, eliminating expensive insured freight and reducing the risks of shipping and customs delays. Since we operate our own equipment, expensive insurance bonds are not required.

Reduce the costs & complexity of your next practical FX character based project by calling on AnimatronicBear; We’ll deliver a memorable performance for a nominal investment!

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