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realistic Polar Bear costume costume as seen at NASDAQ NY

Nanuq appears on Nasdaq MarketSite billboard, Times Square

Early in 2021 a call came in from our Boulder Colorado friends over at Frontier Airlines. A business presentation was in the works for NYC and our polar bear “Nanuq” was invited to attend supporting Americas’ Greenest Airline as their mascot “Powder”.                           …
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realistic bear costume for Gold Seal Salmon

Our first international assignment was for Gold Seal Salmon in BC

Our first production assignment outside the US was for Gold Seal Salmon, which proved to be a particularly challenging but rewarding project. The theme of the commercial combined references from then recently released ‘Mission Impossible’ as well as ‘Reservoir Dogs’, creating an action-packed heist scene featuring our bear actor. We had a number of firsts…
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Plexo the robot costume

Introducing Plexo, our high tech Robot costume with transforming features

Plexo is our more rounded design robot character.  His surface can be customised to a degree with decals or additional fixtures which makes it great for marketing or in keeping with your theme. Ready for more info? visit: Plexo for more information about this wonder bot!                     …
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special effects robot costume

Reverb & Plexo

Introducing two very dynamic robots, Reverb and Plexo! These robots are feature rich with lights, synthesised sound and display screens for customised marketing. These robot costumes are great attention getters and are suitable for variety of platforms such as large marketing events, film, TV and so much more. Our robot hire costumes are accompanied with…
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Special effects Panda in Super Bowl commercial

A fun montage of our involvement in the Super Bowl over the years.

Over several years we performed characters in a series of Ad campaigns which aired before, during and after the internationally televised “Super Bowl” , the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). Super Bowl has a massive audience spanning the globe so chance are no matter where you are in the world, you probably have seen our work…
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Animatronic Grizzly Bear Costume

Sheesh Bear!!! Get a breath mint!

(Behind-the-scenes shenanigans with Karluk and the TERFilm Productions team while filming a honey commercial in Turkey) During the production, Karluk was required to utilize both paws in the action, so we had to improvise the jaw movement by re-routing the hand operated cable mech out of the costume to a stagehand hidden behind. Fun fact:…
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White House Easter Egg Roll

Ambassadors at the White House Easter Egg Roll

For well over a century the White House Easter Egg Roll continues its long running tradition year after year. The Egg Roll plays host to children up to 13 years including their parents. During the celebrations there are a number fun activities for the families to participate in, including well-known atmosphere characters from different programs…
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Proudly introducing our new moto

As of 09/11/2020 Animatronic Bear LLC will be utilizing the following motos for our creative branding.  We Animate Stuff We Make Stuff Move Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this on our Contact Us page.