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In our Inflatables page we offer a variety of costume puppets suitable for live events to prank shows to TV commercials and more.  Most are OOAK /  unique designs purpose made for film productions. Some are animatronic while others are mechanically enhanced to simulate living creatures.

quadrupedal polar bear costume suit

Klondike The Inflatable Polar Bear

Klondike is a Realistic body puppet with eye blink and mouth movements. Klondike has front leg extensions which allow him to walk on 4 legs.  He can walk on back legs if needed.  Klondike is the size of a 1 year old Polar Bear cub which can range from 200 to 250 pounds. Klondike is approximately 4 feet tall

realistic polar bear cub costume
Professional panda costume puppet

Koji The Inflatable Panda

Koji is an adult Semi-realistic giant Panda body puppet with mouth movement. Koji walks on 4 legs.  He can rear up on hind legs but cannot walk on hind legs only.  Koji is the size of an adult male panda which can range from 250 to 300 pounds. Koji is approximately 3 feet tall

Realistic panda puppet suit
Professional Inflatable Teddy Bear Costume

Kuma The Inflatable Teddy Bear

Standing at approximately 6 foot tall, Kuma is a traditional teddy design pneumatic costume with a Japanese designed inflation system that allows the performer to remain inside nearly indefinitely without overheating (depending on activity level)

Professional teddy bear actor costume
professional cosmonaut costume

Commando Cosmo The Inflatable 

Exceeding 7 feet in height, Cosmo is an original design pneumatic space suit costume of Russian design.  The suit adds 18 inches to the height of the internal performer.  Clear helmet visor allows use of masks or SPFX makeup on the suit actor to tailor the cosmonauts’ look.

professional cosmonaut suit
Inflatable Little Teddybear Mascot Suit

Angus The Inflatable Teddy Bear

At Appx 6 foot tall, Angus is modern teddy design pneumatic costume of Australian design.  He has fingers allowing  for more dexterity than the stump pawed KumaTed above.

Professional Inflatable Teddy Costume Suit
professional astronaut costume

Inflatable Silver Astronaut  Suit

At appx 5’9”, the colorful Funky Astronaut hides the performers face adding to the mystery of who is inside.  This pneumatic suit has built in light and default NASA sound effects which can be replaced with any MP3 audio file(s).

professional spaceman costume
Professional Wolf mascot costume

Inflatable Air Wolves In Black Or White

At approximately 5’9”, these unique costumes allow the performer to pull a hand out of the arm to manipulate the mouth and head similar to the way Big Bird of the Muppets operates.  The striking colors of these air suits add high-contrast character flavor to any scene.

Professional Wolf air costume puppet suit
Quadrupedal reindeer illusion puppet suit

Air Deer

Lawn ornament come to life!  This cold air inflatable costume / puppet walks on 4 legs, has head and ear movement + tail wag- all performer controlled. Suitable for filmings / commercials/ tv / special events 
Professional reindeer illusion puppet suit costume
Professional Leopard Suit Costume

Lenny The Inflatable Leopard 

At approximately 5’9”, this unique costume allows the performer to pull a hand out of the arm to manipulate the mouth and head similar to the way Big Bird of the Muppets operates.  The striking colors of this air suit adds high-contrast character flavor to any scene.

Professional Leopard Mascot Suit

Not on the list above? Please see bellow for a verity of other inflatable costumes which may be available upon request.

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