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In our Jungle page we offer a variety of costume puppets suitable for live events to prank shows to TV commercials and more.  Most are OOAK /  unique designs purpose made for film productions. Many are animatronic while others are mechanically enhanced to simulate living creatures.

Animatronic ape puppet

Bongo – Realistic SFX Gorilla Suit

Styled after the African mountain gorilla, Bongo has 2 head options.  The non-animatronic “Stunt” head suitable for higher impact or distant shots has basic jaw movement.  The animatronic “Closeup” head has 8 servos which move the eyes L/R, blink, eyebrows, mouth open/close and 4 way lip snarl.  There are 2 arm options- Gloved hands allow grasping objects while arm extensions allow walking on all-fours.

gorilla animatronic puppet
realistic parrot animatronic

Crackers – Realistic Feathery Parrot Suit

Crackers is a Realistic parrot suit with r/c mouth action. Large Wings with some real feathers (no hand dexterity)  About 5’10” tall.

Crackers is suitable for parade floats or large stage projects as he is HUGE and colorful.  If scaled, Crackers can appear as 100% real.

Animatronic parrot suit
bengal tiger suit

Karma – Semi Realistic Tiger Suit

This Tiger has  fixed expression and  good paw dexterity.   We have 2 units available (one for stunt & one pristine for close ups C/U. Karma is About 5’9” tall. 

Karma is best performed lying down with legs away from the camera.  With post production FX enhancement the face can appear as 100% real. 

Professional photoshoot tiger impersonator
twilight werewolf costume

Shane – Realistic SFX Wolf Suit

This highly expressive wolf suit uses the performers eyes for heightened level of realism and can be matched with contact lenses for a customizable look. This wolf has  good paw dexterity and the mouth is fixed closed.  About 5’8” tall

Suitable for close-up or background in TV ads, films and commercials. With post production FX enhancement the face can appear as 100% real. 

realistic wolf costume
panda body puppet

Gorby – Stylised SFX Panda Suit

Gorby is a stylized panda quad puppet / suit with mouth animation.  Hand & knee  quad suit and can only walk on 4 legs.  Gorby is about 2 feet tall.

Gorby is a giant puppet suitable for youth TV ads, films and commercials.

giant panda puppet
baby elephant mascot suit

Elly – The Elephant Full Body Puppet

Mascot style elephant costume which is about 6 foot tall.

Elly has a toy appearance with patches & stitches which add to his unique appearance.

Elly is a cute Elephant suitable for youth TV ads, films and commercials.

baby elephant costume
trained elephant

Sherbert – The Elephant Full Body Puppet

Highly stylized elephant quad puppet / suit. The performer can operate the trunk  from within. Sherbert can walk on four or hind legs.  Sherberts’ height is about 2.5 feet tall.

Sherber is a giant puppet suitable for youth or psychedelic theme TV ads, films, and commercials.

baby elephant puppet

Not on the list above? Please see below for a variety of other costumes which may be available upon request.

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