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In our Jungle page we offer a variety of costume puppets suitable for live events to prank shows to TV commercials and more.  Most are OOAK /  unique designs purpose made for film productions. Many are animatronic while others are mechanically enhanced to simulate living creatures.

Animatronic ape puppet

Bongo – Realistic SFX Gorilla Suit

Styled after the African mountain gorilla, Bongo has 2 head options.  The non-animatronic “Stunt” head suitable for higher impact or distant shots has basic jaw movement.  The animatronic “Closeup” head has 8 servos which move the eyes L/R, blink, eyebrows, mouth open/close and 4 way lip snarl.  There are 2 arm options- Gloved hands allow grasping objects while arm extensions allow walking on all-fours.

gorilla animatronic puppet
realistic parrot animatronic

Crackers – Realistic Feathery Parrot Suit

Crackers is a human-sized Macaw with r/c mouth action. Real feathers adorn the wingtips of this approximately 5’10” / 1.77 Meter full body puppet.

Crackers is best suited for Film, TV, and Commercial Productions but he does require a spacious set. 

Animatronic parrot suit
bengal tiger suit

Karma – Semi Realistic Tiger Suit

This Tiger has  fixed expression and  good paw dexterity.   We have 2 units available (one for stunt & one pristine for close ups C/U. Karma is About 5’9” tall. 

Karma is best performed lying down with legs away from the camera.  With post production FX enhancement the face can appear as 100% real. 

Professional photoshoot tiger impersonator
twilight werewolf costume

Shane – Realistic SFX Wolf Suit

This highly expressive wolf suit uses the performers eyes for heightened level of realism and can be matched with contact lenses for a customizable look. This wolf has  good paw dexterity and the mouth is fixed closed.  About 5’8” tall

Suitable for close-up or background in TV ads, films and commercials. With post production FX enhancement the face can appear as 100% real. 

realistic wolf costume
panda body puppet

Gorby – Stylised SFX Panda Suit

Gorby is a stylized panda quad puppet / suit with mouth animation.  Hand & knee  quad suit and can only walk on 4 legs.  Gorby is about 2 feet tall.

Gorby is a giant puppet suitable for youth TV ads, films and commercials.

giant panda puppet
baby elephant mascot suit

Elly – The Elephant Full Body Puppet

Mascot style elephant costume which is about 6 foot tall.

Elly has a toy appearance with patches & stitches which add to his unique appearance.

Elly is a cute Elephant suitable for youth TV ads, films and commercials.

baby elephant costume
trained elephant

Sherbert – The Elephant Full Body Puppet

Highly stylized elephant quad puppet / suit. The performer can operate the trunk  from within. Sherbert can walk on four or hind legs.  Sherberts’ height is about 2.5 feet tall.

Sherber is a giant puppet suitable for youth or psychedelic theme TV ads, films, and commercials.

baby elephant puppet

Not on the list above? Please see below for a variety of other costumes which may be available upon request.

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