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SPFX Brown Bear “Bruno”

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SPFX Brown Bear “Bruno”

His ears & nose wiggle, lips curl, eyes move & blink, mouth opens & closes via R/C. For the best performance since there are two transmitters, two puppeteers are suggested. 

Bruno is accompanied by experienced professionals ensuring the very best performance for your project.

It was a pleasure to work a second time with Los Angeles based directing duo, Mccoy | Meyer in a cool project featuring our fully animatronic “Bruno” grizzly bear costume.
The Custom Clothes company MTailor capproacted Mccoy | Meyer to create a commercial for their new app- a comedy about 600 lb grizzly bear Barry who just doesn’t fit in at his office until he gets custom clothes from MTailor.

The Animatronic Bear Studios team takes Vegas by Storm, Grizzly style!

What an amazing opportunity to work alongside the world-famous master magicians Penn and Teller in their first ever commercial for an online entertainment app: “House of Fun”.

In their signature comic style, Penn is trying to excite a thoroughly bored Teller with progressively more insane scenarios climaxing with the introduction of their new app. Our realistic animatronic bear suit and actor added to the outrageousness as the story reaches a crescendo culminating with the announcement of “House of Fun”.

It was truly an honor to work directly with these Living Legends.

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