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Realistic Black Bear “Bronson”

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Introducing: Bronson the black Bear!

Need a realistic looking bear with jet-black fur for your next project?
We can help you with that!

Although black bears are America’s smallest species of bear (compared to the Polar Bear and the Grizzly Bear) they still have BIG personalities to offer!

That’s why we know that Bronson is perfect for any commercial or project set in the American wilderness – or anywhere for that matter!

Is Bronson what you’re looking for?

Stands at approximately 5’11 to 6’2 – 1.8 to 1.88 Meters depending on the actor.Full-Body Flexibility
Realistically Detailed Claws and Paw Pads
Great Paw Dexterity for Interacting with Props
Internal Mechanical Mouth Movement (Non-Animatronic)

For quick turnaround areas, please see our: Quick Turnaround Areas section.


To help you get the most out of Bronson, when you choose this Black Bear Costume we provide you with a specialist actor and assistant. 

This not only ensures you get the best performance from Bronson…

…but it means you can focus on the rest of your shoot – just leave it to us!

Scroll down to see some clips and photos of Bronson in action to see why our Black Bear Costume is perfect for your shoot, project, or event.

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Bronson Promotes A Truly WILD Ride: Dollywood

Something BIG is coming to Dollywood – and we’re not just saying that!

Big Bear Mountain, set to open in Spring 2023 will be the park’s longest coaster where guests will get the chance to search for the legendary ‘Big Bear.’

To promote the ride, we filled the ‘paws’ of the title role, where we went to a ‘top secret’ location from where Big Bear is taunting overzealous park ranger Ned Oakley in a game of cat and mouse.

Who do you think will come out on top?

Our money is on the bear, but you’ll have to ride Big Bear Mountain for yourself to find out what happens in this rollercoaster experience for all the family.

It was a pleasure to work on such an exciting project – and the set design was beautiful! Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes pictures to see more!

A Milestone to Remember: The Grateful Outdoors.

Did you know that The Colorado Lottery supports The Conservation Trust Fund (CTF), which received 40% of its proceeds in 2022?

That’s why, to celebrate its 40th-anniversary milestone, we headed out to the woodlands of Colorado for a commercial all about nature…

Ok, full disclosure, we weren’t really in the woods!

The entire project took place inside a studio in Colorado – where it’s a lot easier to film a bear, a talking tree, and a talking rock!

This is another great example that shows our bears can play a variety of different characters, with Bronson taking up the female role of ‘Alison’ in this shoot.

Where There’s Honey, There’s…

Honey and bears go hand in hand together, so it’s no wonder that Bronson was called to work with New York Production Services (NYPS) for their latest shoot:

Mini commercials for Robitussin’s new honey-flavored cough relief products.

A HUGE bear hug to John for the initial call and to Brooke, Laura, Elena, Michele, and the rest of the team for an enjoyable shoot in Manhattan!

Also: sliding around with a bear on an office chair is as fun and chaotic as it looks.

FUN FACT: This shoot features an earlier model of Bronson, which, although realistic, was very difficult to maintain, as the artificial fur quickly disintegrated.

Our current Bronson model features the patterns and head structure of this older costume, with a new striking jet-black faux fur coat.

Don’t Itch It, Bronson – X It!

And now for something completely different.

(We mean it when we say that our bears are perfect for a wide variety of projects – this is the perfect example.)

If you’ve ever wanted to see a bear in a lab coat and goggles, now’s your chance.

X-Tech LLC was seeking a “Bear Scientist” to champion their new product: ‘X-Bite’ and our moving mouth model Bronson fit the bill perfectly.

Our performer was fed the lines in real-time…

…and operated the mouth in sync with the script. It’s as simple as that!

While many mosquito bite products have fairly straightforward commercials, this one took things in a WILDLY different direction – and we had a blast.

Thank you Garrett for the initial call and the X-Tech Team for a crazy fun time.

FUN FACT: We supplied some of the “scientific equipment” in the “lab” – see if you can spot the AM radio gear in disguise!

*Please note that our realistic Black Bear Costume
comes as a PACKAGE:
Bronson is ONLY available with our trained actors.

See Our Demo Reel!

Interested in hiring Bronson?

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