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Realistic Bear “Bronson”

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Realistic Bear “Bronson”

“Bronson” is our jet black colored black bear. With excellent body flexibility, good paw dexterity and very good mouth open/close range, Bronson is recommended for most applications. This suit is non-animatronic but has internal mechanical mouth action. 

Bronson is accompanied by a trained professional ensuring the very best performance for your project.

Mini-commercials for Robitussin:

New York Production Services (NYPS) was seeking to add some animal magnetism to their story for Robitussins’ new Honey cough relief product.  Since we could drive to the filming location, 4 of our bears trekked up the New Jersey Turnpike and our shiny new bear Bronson was selected for the 3 setups.

FUN FACT: We had an earlier Bronson model bear which was marvelous and realistic but the artificial fur disintegrated after only 2 years of relatively light use.  The patterns & head structure of this older costume were recycled applying a new faux fur of jet black color.  Initially named Bronson II, the Roman Numerals were dropped to avoid confusion.  

A bear-sized TY to John for the initial call and to Brooke, Laura, Elena, Michele and the rest of the Team for an enjoyable shoot in Manhattan!

Fundraiser Commercial: X-Bite “Bear Scientist” 

X-Tech LLC was seeking a “Bear Scientist” to champion their new product X-Bite and our moving mouth model Bronson fit the bill.  Suit performer Matt puppeteered the bear mouth as lines were fed live.  With reluctant assistant Steve, Bear Scientist comically delivers his lines about his wonderful new itch reduction product.

FUN FACT: AnimatronicBear supplied some of the “scientific equipment” in the “lab” – much of it was actually ham radio gear in disguise.

Thanks to Garrett for the initial call and the X-tech team for a crazy fun time!!

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