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Domestic + Farm Animals

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Our Domestic & Farm category offers a selection of manned full-body puppets some of which have additional features including animatronics. Our unique designs were purpose made for film and television production and may also be used for live events. All our costumes come with a seasoned operator ensuring perfect fit and performance. 

realistic animatronic bulldog suit

Churchill The Semi Realistic Bulldog

This realistic Bulldog Costume has externally controlled Animatronic mouth and eyebrows. Churchill stands about 5’8″ / 1.72 M and is ideally suited to Film, TV, and Commercial Productions. Churchill may also be utilized in live events as seen in the 2018, Chinese New Year, Year of The Dog which was filmed during the Washington DC Auto Show.

realistic animatronic bulldog costume
gray tabby mascot costume

Sebastian The Tabby Cat

Sebastian is human-sized Tabby standing at approximately 5’10” / 1.77 M. 

He is ideally suited to Film, TV, and Commercial Productions. Sebastian may also be utilized in live events. 

realistic jersey cow costume

Simpson The Semi Realistic Jersey Cow

Fresh from the Barn, Simpson stands at 5’10 / 1.77 M and comes equipped with push button Moo. This Jersey cow is ready to work in the Field, Film, TV and Commercial Productions.

realistic jersey cow suit
semi realistic beagle costume

Regal The Semi-realistic Beagle

Regal is a stylized Beagle full-body puppet standing at approximately 6’4″ / 1.93 M. One Big Dog with a bigger personality!

Regal is ideally suited to Film, TV, and Commercial Productions.

semi realistic beagle suit
quad sheepdog costume

Ruff The Semi Realistic Sheepdog

Ruff is a Semi-realistic English Sheepdog costume with passive jaw animation which is performer controlled.  Ruff stands about 5’10” / 1.77 M or about 3 feet / 91 CM tall on all fours. Ruff is ideally suited to Film, TV, and Commercial Productions.

quad sheepdog suit
realistic animatronic parrot costume

Crackers The Semi Realistic Parrot

Crackers is a human-sized Macaw with r/c mouth action. Real feathers adorn the wingtips of this approximately 5’10” / 1.77 M full body puppet.

Crackers is best suited for Film, TV, and Commercial Productions but he does require a spacious set. 

realistic animatronic parrot costume


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