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Realistic Panda Costume “Genghis”

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Realistic Panda Costume “Genghis”

Our Panda “Genghis” has excellent full-body flexibility and performer-controlled jaw action to deliver a convincing performance whether upright or seated.

Genghis is accompanied by an experienced professional ensuring the very best performance for your project.

Genghis spent a week in the Windy City to film set of Chicago MED “Graveyard Shift” (Season 2 Episode 11)

In the episode, Dr. Rhodes is called in from his date with Robin to perform the top-secret procedure. He is greeted by various dignitaries including Mr. Shay from the Chinese Embassy. The patient is Sue Lynn a V.I.P. indeed. She is a very important PANDA!

Genghis’ performance was enhanced with air bladders to exaggerate deep breathing while under general anesthesia.

Panda Express filmed “Genghis” against green screen in New York City to combine with live zoo panda footage for their Honey Sesame Chicken commercial campaign. The chasing footage was accomplished by running in costume on a green-screen tone color painted treadmill. The treadmill was unusually skinny, presumably having been built for skinny humans. It was tricky to pull off the actions with chubby panda legs and stompers, but we did it!!

For Yahoo, Genghis traveled to the Land Down Under to film the “Putins’ Horse” commercial. Recalling the famous sneezing panda meme, baby panda sneezed in the advert to Mamma pandas surprise and everyone’s amusement. It is always a treat filming in Australia, especially in Sydney with a wonderful team of professionals.

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