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Realistic SFX Gorilla Costume “Bongo”

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Realistic SFX Gorilla Costume “Bongo”


Need a ‘King of the Jungle’ for your next shoot?

We can help you with that!

Bongo serves as an important reminder that our services extend far beyond bears…

Styled after the African Mountain gorilla, one of the most powerful primates on the planet, Bongo is the perfect choice for any shoot or event that calls for a taste of the jungle.

Is Bongo what you’re looking for? 

  • Stands at Approximately 5’9 – 1.75 Metres
  • Realistically Detailed Hands and Feet
  • Ability To Walk On 2 or 4 Legs (See Below!)
  • 2 Choices of Head to Suit Your Needs! (See Below!)

Standard Head
[Recommended for higher impact scenes and establishing shots.]

  • Performer Controlled Jaw Movement

Animatronic ‘Beauty’ Head [Advanced]
[Recommended for close-up action with lots of expression. ]

  • Servo Controlled Facial Movements Controlled via External Puppeteer:
  • L/REye Movements
  • Blinking Eyelids
  • Moving Eyebrows
  • Opening / Closing Mouth
  • 4-Way Lip Snarl


  • 2x Choice of Arms Available: 
    • Gloved Hands Allow Grasping of Objects
    • Available Arm Extensions For Walking on All Fours
  • Quick turnaround available for clients in following locations: Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Orlando, New York City, Albuquerque, Wilmington North Carolina, New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Los Angeles.

    [Outside of the US] Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City.

For other locations, please contact us to discuss availability.

When you choose this Gorilla Costume, we also provide you with a specialist actor and assistant.*

This ensures you get the very best performance from Bongo, while simultaneously allowing you to concentrate on the rest of your shoot!

Bongo could be the perfect choice for all your TV, Film, Marketing, and other event needs.

Scroll down to see some clips and photos of Bongo in action!

Is Bongo the Gorilla for the job?

Get in touch and tell us about your project! We’ll see how we can help you!

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The Gorilla With Chill

Bongo is one of our most complex animatronic suits – which is why it made the perfect choice for this shoot full of personality for California CBD drinks.

We spent 2 days in Mexico City capturing a variety of videos and stills for a multimedia campaign spanning television and internet media outlets, capturing Bongo’s complete range of emotions along the way. 

We had a temper that would rival King Kong and, on the flip side, a contender for ‘Dad of the Year’ – all made possible with our animatronic head, with a little help from a unicorn bathrobe.

Despite this shoot taking place at the height of COVID-19 restrictions, it was painless and highly enjoyable thanks to a professional, friendly team.

*Please note that our Realistic Gorilla Costume
comes as a PACKAGE:
Bongo is ONLY available with our professional Actors / operators.

Is Bongo the Gorilla for the job?

Get in touch and tell us about your project! We’ll see how we can help you!

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Please visit our contact page to request more information and discuss availability.

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