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Realistic Black Bear “Berwynn”

Special Effect creatures for TV, Films, Events

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Realistic Black Bear “Berwynn”

Our Black Bear, Berwynn has similar functionality to “Bronson” above, but with a slightly different look and slimmer shape. Excellent upper body flexibility but less paw dexterity. The lighter eyes photograph well against high contrasting black fur.

Berwynn is accompanied with a trained professional ensuring the very best performance for your project.

Lenovo P90 Bear (1 of 3 campaign videos)

Working with production company The Woo, we filmed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the launch of the Lenovo P90 intel processor phone.  Though we tried to do the flying in a wind tunnel thing (were denied), the go-cart track people were kind and accommodating.  Hot as the blazes in Sin City but what a blast!!

MILK spec

A Los Angeles company needed a highly flexible bear suit that would make it easy to do karate moves. This fun spot was a High Octane spec encouraging the drinking of MILK for health and strength.  BAM!  POW!!

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