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Realistic Grizzly Bear Costume “Chinook”

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Introducing: Chinook the Grizzly Bear!

Does your script need a Kodiak bear walking on “all fours” ? 

We got you covered!

Chinook is the perfect choice for the script in need of a quad walking Bear…

Is Chinook what you’re looking for? 

  • Height standing on all-fours is approximately 3’5 – (106 cm)
  • Realistically Detailed Profile
  • Detailed paws, claws and teeth! 


  • Additional matched costume can allow Chinook to walk upright (see Karluk)
  • Quick turnaround available for clients in following locations: Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Orlando, New York City, Albuquerque, Wilmington North Carolina, New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis, Los Angeles.

    [Outside of the US] Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico City.

For other locations, please contact us to discuss availability!

To help you get the most out of Chinook, when you choose this Grizzly Bear Costume, we also provide you with a specialist performer and assistant*


This ensures you get the very best performance from our Grizzly Bear, so you can concentrate on the rest of your shoot!

Chinook is perfect for all your TV, Film, Marketing, and other event needs! Scroll down to see some clips and photos of Chinook in action!

…And there is no shedding or hibernating to worry about.

Interested in hiring Chinook?

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Clip from an early spec project filmed in the California desert.

In HBO’s period drama Carnivàle, an apocalyptic battle between good and evil rages in the setting of a traveling carnival during the “Dust Bowl” of 1923.

The exquisitely detailed and expansive desert set provided a rich variety of background textures for the timeless atmosphere of this project. Since it was a spec that was never formally released, we’ve trimmed out most of the story to only feature our particular bear scenes. The enhanced flexibility of this bear model is demonstrated as he tilts up his head at the end while lying on the ground.

In July of 2021 Animatronic Bear Studios returned to Sofia Bulgaria for an exciting shoot with our SPFX bears, Karluk and quadrupedal bear, Chinook. This was a commercial shoot with all the complexity of a movie production.

The agency Wieden & Kennedy / Amsterdam created this project, and we were delighted to play a featured part in it.  The script required our grizzly bears to dance, appear to float weightless and crawl from a wintry cave set on all fours in this colorful musical advert for the Samsung Galaxy product line.

The extended length video garnered over 10 million views on YouTube making for a very successful project.  Directed by the duo Alaska and produced by Iconoclast, the two-minute film promotes Samsung’s new brand philosophy, “Life Opens Up With Galaxy”.

*Please note that our Realistic Grizzly Bear Costume comes as a PACKAGE: Chinook is ONLY available with our trained professional operators.

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