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Realistic Polar Bear “Nanuq”

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Realistic Polar Bear “Nanuq”

Our Polar Bear “Nanuq” has excellent full-body flexibility with a performer controlled jaw mechanism to simulate biting, growling, etc. His ears are manually positionable to allow a change of expression.

Nanuq is operated by an experienced professional ensuring the very best performance for your project.

Appearance on Nickelodeon’s “The Haunted Hathaways”

Producer Dionne had earlier considered our faux bears but her script was suddenly changed requiring a real animal… so we missed that first opportunity to collaborate, but in this case Second Time was the charm!  Her Nickelodeon TV series had an upcoming episode which called for an ice cream busker bear and we were happy to oblige with our then brand new “Nanuq”!  

FUN FACT: AnimatronicBear has provided faux performing bears to multiple Nick projects including 2012’s “A Fairly Odd Christmas”.Thanks to Dionne, Nikki, Jonathan and the rest of the team for a fun project!!

Commercial for Didi Cay (soft drink beverage)

Dijital Yapımevi Production House of Istanbul, Turkey was producing a spot for their client, Didi Cay soda.  What better than a polar bear wandering in the desert to demonstrate the most powerful, nearly unquenchable thirst! Walking on all fours in dry desert sand was interesting to say the least, but teamwork made it possible.

Thanks to Caglar, Evrim, Oyku, Berker and the rest of the team for pulling off a nearly impossible task of performing in the desert.

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