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Animatronic Bear Studios Los Angeles

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The New Home Of Animatronic Bear Studios INC.

Over the last 20 years, Animatronic Bear Studios INC. has proudly served the greater Los Angeles area and many more locations throughout California… 

…including the legendary Hollywood Studios!

From working with musicians like Weezer and Katy Perry to starring in several Superbowl commercials including Doritos and Hyundai Santa Fe:

California is a place we’ve always felt at home…

And following our recent move – it now is the place we call home, ready to join clients in and around LA within hours.

(And no, we didn’t just choose California because of the grizzly bear on the state flag!)

With Animatronic Bear Studios INC on the doorstep, you’ll never have to worry about delays or interruptions to your shooting schedule.


Chances are that you’ve seen our work on-screen – but did you know that we also provide a variety of other services to our clients?

Whether you’re hosting:

A movie premiere
A high-profile product launch
A big-budget entertainment event 

We know that sometimes a mascot-style character just won’t cut it.

Animatronic Bear Studios INC. is the trusted name for realistic animal services on and off-screen around Los Angeles. 

Even when we are not in California, our actors & crew are based near 5 major airports, all offering direct flights to LA for a rapid arrival on set.

bruno realistic animatronic bear costume stay golden
katy perry and matthew mason as the realistic bear party at the firework foundation
realistic cocaine bear costume with Juliet donenfeld from Better call saul
frontier airlines Inaugural flight-brand activation realistic polar bear costume

Office bear, ‘Bruno‘ appears in a fun shoot for MTailor

Bowen‘ appears in an multiple add campaigns for Dr Pepper 

Bruno‘ Appears in a commercial shoot for Grizzly Chips

Nanuq‘ appears in Nickelodeons’ haunted Hathaways

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