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Ambassadors at the White House Easter Egg Roll

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Ambassadors at the White House Easter Egg Roll

For well over a century the White House Easter Egg Roll continues its long running tradition year after year. The Egg Roll plays host to children up to 13 years including their parents. During the celebrations there are a number fun activities for the families to participate in, including well-known atmosphere characters from different programs & brands across the US.

We have played a key role in the logistics from Specialized Character Costume Performance to Programming and continue to serve this prestigious event. We have included just a handful of pictures taken during the last 20 years of service to the White House.

Fun Fact: The Easter Egg Roll was not exclusively hosted at the White House before 1878. The event was a custom around Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia for quite some time. In 1876 a law was passed to make it illegal to use the lawn at the Capitol as a playground due to the lawn being destroyed by the Egg Roll. By 1878 the activities were brought to the white house which began what we now know as the white house Easter Egg Roll.

White House Easter Egg Roll Mascot
2019 SeaBabies Sandy Dollar
Bugs Bunny White House Easter Egg Roll
2002 Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
White House Easter Egg Roll
2010 Mascots with Al Roker
Little Foot White House Easter Egg Mascot
2007 Littlefoot - Land Before Time
White House Easter Egg Roll
2014 Doki & Olive The Ostrich Mascots
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