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Our first international assignment was for Gold Seal Salmon in BC

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Our first international assignment was for Gold Seal Salmon in BC

Our first production assignment outside the US was for Gold Seal Salmon, which proved to be a particularly challenging but rewarding project. The theme of the commercial combined references from then recently released ‘Mission Impossible’ as well as ‘Reservoir Dogs’, creating an action-packed heist scene featuring our bear actor.

We had a number of firsts for this project: our first union production (ACTRA) and also our first-time executing wire flying (and not the last). To prepare for the stunts required for this project, our bear actor took a ‘crash’ course in stunt falls at Temple University, in Philadelphia PA.

This was also our first time on a non-English speaking film set, which presented its own set of challenges. Luckily for the bear, there was an interpreter on hand to translate the French-speaking director’s instructions.

The unforgettable experience from this shoot was the wire flying, although we did learn a few lessons along the way. Primarily that the flying harness (a hard, fibreglass construction that suspends the actor from two wires around the waist) needs to fit. In this case, the harness was more generously built for someone 6’2”, and it left our 5’6” bear actor with limited motion and welts!

However, just as there is no crying in baseball, there’s no whining in Animal Impersonation, unless in the script! Our performer kept calm and carried on, having the incredible experience of being part of a Salmon heist along the way.

A happy client means a job well done, and we knew our bear hit the mark when we were offered a case of Salmon to take back by the Canifisco Management team! It was a grrreat project, and our bear certainly appreciated the Salmon meals throughout the filming.

A commercial to remember!

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