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Avoiding the unnecessary use of animals in entertainment.

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Avoiding the unnecessary use of animals in entertainment.

A Google search of the phrase “USE OF ANIMALS IN ENTERTAINMENT” yields about 745,000,000 search results– obviously a Hot Topic!  In recent years, the discussion has become more highly charged as long-term studies have thoroughly documented the lasting impact humans have to all creatures sharing our one and only planet.


Dedicated people and organizations have arisen with a goal to curtail and hopefully eliminate animal abuse here in the US and abroad.  Their efforts are commendable, but it will take a complete mindset change to reverse our well-worn destructive course. Businesses as well as individuals must get on-board and take responsibility in the long term for the Earths’ delicate ecosystem.


The entertainment world encompasses a broad range of businesses who share responsibility for past transgressions. There are far too many to discuss here, so we will touch on just two: the modern day Circus and today’s Film/TV Production arena.


Many conscientious Circuses around the globe have ceased use of wild animals in their rings and Film Production companies have for the most part done the same.  However, there still are “cheaters” out there who profit by forcing animals to perform for audiences and also companies that use harvested animal parts (some protected and endangered) in the fabrication of entertainment objects (props / costumes).


Whether because of the high cost of realistic fake fur or the belief that synthetics don’t look as good as real animal hides, there are prop shops in Hollywood and elsewhere still engaging in the objectionable use of real animal hides to cover fabricated creatures intended for entertainment use.


I and many like-minded artists and performers believe that this practice has no place in today’s world. Synthetic materials can be substituted for animal hides and should do so in every facet of entertainment.


Since opening our doors in 1999, all of the props & costumes of and have been 100% cruelty-free and will remain so.  As we like to say, “As real as it gets, without the shedding!”

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