Can you BEAR it?

Let our bruins add “Animal Magnetism” to your project!

These 100% synthetic bears do not slobber or shed & can perform without an electric fence or tranquilizer darts (but a turbo fan or air conditioner is appreciated to keep them cool)

“Everything is better with Bears”… scroll down & see just how!

Realistic Black Bear “Bartram”

“Bart” is our newest realistic synthetic black bear. He has excellent body and paw dexterity and very good mouth open/close range. With long shag and minimally painted deep brown fur, “Bart” is recommended for all applications. This suit is non-animatronic but has internal mechanical mouth action. Our actor is included with the bear hire.

DEMO #1 .. DEMO #2

Realistic Quad Walking Bear “Beringar”

“Beringar” is our quad walking black bear costume. With internal cable controlled mouth open/close, “Beringar” is ideal for recreating nature footage. Our fitted actor performs this bear. NOTE: “Bronson” above was edited into the middle of this demo video sequence to show how 2 different bear suit types cover a greater range of action. Actual production video will be posted once permission is granted.

Movement demo (QuickTime file)
Same demo video on YouTube

Realistic Black Bear “Berwynn”

Our Black Bear, “Berwynn” has similar functionality to “Bronson” above, but with a slightly different look and slimmer shape. Excellent upper body flexibility but less paw dexterity. The lighter eyes photograph well against high contrasting black fur. Our actor performs this bear.

Rental Model “BOZ the Bear”

This animatronic stretch fur suit can accommodate an actor 5’10” to 6’2″ tall and under 200 pounds weight. Excellent flexibility and paw dexterity. Requires external operator on transmitter. Has mouth and independent ear animation. Use your own actor in this suit or we can provide a tall performer.

Our most elaborate SPFX creature:Brown Bear “Bruno”

His ears & nose wiggle, lips curl, eyes move & blink, mouth opens & closes via R/C. For fluid, realistic expression of this complex animatronic suit, experienced R/C puppeteers are necessary. Our veteran bear actor works inside ‘Bruno’.

Realistic Kodiak Grizzly “Karluk”

Available with 2 head options: one with & one without animatronics. Both have mouth open/close controlled by performer via internal cable.

Animatronic head option adds lip, nose & ear movement controlled by R/C; “Karluk” comes with puppeteer who operates the bear.

Realistic Panda “Genghis”

With mouth open/close, “Genghis” comes with an operator. Suit is designed to look good in sitting shots. Excellent full-body flexibility. Fully detailed down to the pawpads on ‘hands’ and feet. Very good paw dexterity. Our actor performs inside this bear.

Semi-realistic Panda “Manchu”

With 6-channel mouth, ear and eye animation, “Manchu” comes with puppeteer to operate the bear. Mouth motion includes chewing action. Some paw dexterity. Our trained actor performs inside this bear.

Realistic Polar Bear “Nanuq”

Our newest young adult polar bear, “Nanuq”, was designed with 2 sets of front legs. The first are typical gloved mitt-paws which have dexterity for holding things and when walking upright. The second are mini-stilts to enable walking on ‘all fours’. Also, his ears are repositionable for some variance of expression (note 2 pics to immediate left).

“Nanuq” is shorter than ‘Frostbite” but has improved flexibility.

Realistic Polar Bear Cubs

Our polar bear cubs come in 2 styles- Rod Puppet and Glove Puppet for the most flexibility in accomplishing scriped action. It is helpful to have a green screen to perform these puppets but if none is vailable, the Glove Puppet can be operated from below. Our trained puppeteers operate the cubs manually and via R/C transmitter units.

Realistic Polar Bear “Frostbite”

“Frostbite”, our original realistic polar bear has very basic animation – cable-controlled mouth open/close. “Frostbite” is taller than ‘Nanuq’ but has less flexibility due to the built-up head (for height). Our actor performs this bear.

The animatronic teddy bear: “Polar Ted”

Our chubby mascot-style polar bear ‘Polar Ted’ has animatronic head features (eye blink & mouh open/close). Our veteran performer operates this animatronic suit.

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Mascot Polar Bear “Ringo”

Our mascot style bear. Like most of our bruins, “Ringo” has mouth animation. Our veteran performer plays “Ringo”.

Giant Toy Teddies

These are all performable costumes. Check out the photo & video

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Toy Panda “Mandy”

(Semi -Retired … avail by special request)
With mouth animation, “Mandy” comes with puppeteer who operates the bear. Excellent body flexibility.

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Realistic Black Bear “Bronson”

“Bronson” is our heavily painted synthetic taxidermy black bear. Suitable for dry, clean environments only. With excellent body flexibility, good paw dexterity and very good mouth open/close range, “Bronson” is recommended for most applications. This suit is non-animatronic but has internal mechanical mouth action. Our actor is included with the bear hire.

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Realistic Black Bear “Burtram”

(Semi -Retired … avail by special request)
“Burt” is a natural on stage; following voice & visual cues- he takes direction well. Good full-body flexibility. Huskier structure than Berwynn above. “Burt” comes with his own puppeteer. Has mouth animation.

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